Vitrum Gourmet Festival 2011 – In Milan the art of glass processing meets the culinary art of Italian cuisine

Seven Michelin stars will light up the Vitrum Gourmet Festival — 4 chefs whose talent has been rewarded multiple times with the most prestigious and coveted international awards, will be the stars in an appetizing event for visitors at Vitrum 2011

Vitrum 2011 will host an authentic Festival of Gourmet Italian Cuisine, quintessential symbol of Made in Italy, bringing an extraordinary culinary event into a trade show for the very first time.

Vitrum Gourmet Festival 2011
“The art of glass processing is firmly grounded in the past and Italy has long been its cradle. The same is true for fine cuisine, a fundamental part of our culture and the essence of ‘Italianness’ around the world”, explains Renata Gaffo, Director of Vitrum. “By hosting this event, Vitrum once again demonstrates its ability to combine the most technological aspects of Made in Italy with its most artistic and palate-pleasing – which is exactly why we organized the Vitrum Gourmet Festival”.

In fact, the Vitrum Gourmet Festival will feature four prominent Italian chefs who are masters of their art and famous around the world for being among the best. Each day, for the entire duration of the fair, one of the featured chefs will show off his skills, preparing a distinctive specialty menu from his personal repertory, all in the name of Italian gastronomy with a pinch of originality and creativity.

Visitors to Vitrum will be able to experience a unique taste of Italy in a refined and relaxed atmosphere at an elegant restaurant created inside pavilion 22 of the Fiera Milano Rho complex, headquarters of the Vitrum Gourmet Festival.
Once again, Vitrum confirms its commitment to bringing together the best of Made in Italy – to the
delight of visitors and participants from around the world.

Vitrum Gourmet Festival Chefs

Claudio Sadler
Ristorante Sadler
2 Michelin stars
Claudio Sadler is one of the most famous chefs in Italy; he is one of the founders of the “Jeunes
Restaurateurs d’Europe” association, and food consultant for various food industry firms and
publications. In 1991 he received his first Michelin star and several years later, his second. Over the years he has opened restaurants in Milan and in Japan.
Giancarlo Morelli
Ristorante Osteria de Pomiroeu
1 Michelin star
Seregno (MI)
Giancarlo Morelli spent many years of his life learning the art of cooking from the greatest chefs in the world. He set out for the United States, by way of France, and returned to Italy with the idea of opening his own restaurant, which earned its first star from the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2010.
Norbert Niederkofler
St. Hubertus Hotel Rosa Alpina
2 Michelin stars
S. Cassiano (Province of Bolzano)
Making the world his school, he began his travels in 1982, gaining experience in Switzerland, England and America. Even after receiving his second Michelin star in 2007, his still insatiable appetite for discovering new culinary experiences takes him to the kitchens of his many chef friends to learn some new techniques.
Gianni D’Amato
Ristorante Il Rigoletto
2 Michelin stars
Reggiolo (Emilia Romagna)
He grew up with a passion for cooking, nurtured by his family in the trattoria owned by his grandparents.
His formal career began at 26 with Ristorante Il Rigoletto where he still works today. His career has
earned him several honors, among them two Michelin stars and admission to the prestigious family of Relais & Châteaux.

Source: Mediaticamente News

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