Oroblu…when details create a style!

Which kind of woman are you? Simple, Dressy, Seductive, Discreet?
With Oroblu Underwear you will find what you are looking for. You will feel comfortable but always elegant in every moment of the day. Transform the accessories of your life into details that talk about you. Purchase Oroblu.

OrobluChild, adolescent, girl, wife, mom, grandmother, are all Women with a capital W.
By highlighting their beauty, wrapping their curves, adding precious details, Oroblu understands women and knows how to make them happy, posh and dressy in every moment of the day, on every occasion.
Quality and elegance never go out of fashion, but the difficult task is to adapt charm to the different characters.
Oroblu Underwear accomplishes this assignment because of its long-standing experience and passion. It’s not just a matter of wearing accessories, but details, details that create your life, your way of living and facing the day.

Are you a protagonist or a spectator in life?

Don’t let work stress, a bad day, your marriage, habits and routine prevent you from looking after your outward appearence.

Since scientific tests show that the right match can enhance a good mood, what might the right lingerie ensamble do?
A woman should always be elegant, even in the intimacy of her home. This is the reason why the brand Oroblu deals with the feminine world, introducing a wide offer of products designed for women of all ages and styles: stockings, tights, bodywear and swimsuits, 100% Made in Italy.
The fabrics of Oroblu underwear are the most precious at a commercial level, with a posh comfort, a soft and delicate design and a high quality/price ratio.
Innovative materials, insight on women’s wishes and incomparable Italian quality are the real strength points of the company.

Oroblu Underwear Sales

Did you know that….

Oroblu is part of CSP, i.e. the International Fashion Group Ltd., a leader company in the sector of hosiery and ladies’ underwear since 1973. Besides Oroblu, CSP markets famous brands such as Le Bourgert and Well Lingerie (French), Lepel, Liberty and Cagi (Italian). You can discover the whole Oroblu collection on the official store http://www.myboutiqueitalia.com/oroblu.html.
Register and Log in: you will find the last collection’s items at very convenient prices because you can purchase Oroblu underwear directly from the manufacturer, without any dealers.
Moreover you can easily and safely pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Take advantage of this offer, delivery in Italy is free.

Wear Oroblu and change the mood of your life.

Source: MyBoutique

Maria Chiara Turino
Press Office – Marketing Informatico